Lunkerhunt Colorado Wire Arm
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Lunkerhunt Colorado Wire Arm

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    When a bit of flash is required to draw fish in, Lunkerhunt Wire arms are the ticket. Wire Arms feature a twisted elbow to prevent line-slippage, a heavy gauge wire construction, and an easy-attach clasp that allows them to be used with nearly any lure. Designed for both freshwater and saltwater conditions, Lunkerhunt’s Wire Arms are available in Willow Leaf and Colorado blade styles.

    • Attach to any lure
    • 2 Arms per pack (1 gold + 1 silver)
    • Twisted line tie
    • Willow and Colorado Blade actions
    • Heavy duty construction for gamefish
    • Freshwater/saltwater gamefish species
    • Each package comes with two wire arms: one gold arm and one silver arm

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