Culling System ACCU-CULL Elite Econ Tag MOD Kit
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Culling System ACCU-CULL Elite Econ Tag MOD Kit

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    Turn ANY existing piercing culling system into a Non-Piercing culling system!

    Safe handling of our fish is of upmost importance, which is why everyone is now changing to a non-piercing culling system. Meet ACCU-CULL with their break through in tagging technology.


    • Accu Cull ELITE TAG has zero pressure when locked. The tag applies no pressure in the mouth of the fish when locked. Why should you care? Because that means there's no rubbing, smashing or sores left on the fish.
    • 7 brightly colored tags with floating lanyards keeps you going. Since they're made of plastic, that means no rust! Each one is color coded and can be matched up with the ACCU-CULL Weight Tracking System 

    So Good…they don’t know they are tagged!

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