ACCU-CULL Weight Recorder
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ACCU-CULL Weight Recorder

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    You know best what happens when you catch one of those prized fish… You weigh the fish. Your hands are wet, you try to use an erasable Sharpie to record the weight on a piece of laminated paper, right? How easy does that go? Don't worry, there's none of those problems with the ACCU-CULL Weight Recorder. No Sharpie needed.

    • All Plastic 100% ABS Construction. No Parts to Rust. No Metal Parts.
    • PRECISE RECORDING - Record up to 7 fish in pounds and ounces, or any other measurement using the dials. Each dial clicks into place to prevent movement after being set. Highest recording is 999
    • No More Grease Pencil & Board.
    • No More Second Guessing Yourself with Electric Recording Systems.
    • Mount on any hard smooth surface with the stickies provided. The suggested area is the lid of the livewell
    • COLOR COORDINATED - Use the ACCU-CULL ECON Tags in conjunction to match the culling tag color with the color listed on the weight recorder.

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