Mischief Minnow by Freedom
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Mischief Minnow by Freedom

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    This Mischief Minnow from Freedom Tackle Corp. is going to be the next best thing in top water! The secret to the Mischief Minnow’s performance is the unique custom shaped patent-pending Kilter blade design which is center-mounted on the bait's body by an angled blade pin.

    If you want simple, here it is - work the bait is simple with a steady retrieve - the custom blade design combined with the side-to-side body rolling action mimics a wounded baitfish on the water’s surface. The Mischief Minnow’s unique thrashing action combines sound, wake vibration and Kilter blade flash – a true triple threat in top water fishing.

    When the Mischief Minnow is sitting still on the water, the high float body has a nose-up presentation that thrashes into action with the slightest twitch. Use a straight retrieve or mix it up with a pause-and-rip rod technique to entice bone-jarring strikes! 

    The Mischief Minnow is designed to put fish in the boat with premium paint finishes, super-sharp Gamakatsu short shank treble hooks and the exclusive Freedom Color-Matched Custom Shaped Kilter Blades.

    •     Matching custom shaped patent-pending Kilter blade
    •     Gamakatsu short shank trebles
    •     Premium paint finishes
    •     Clacking sound
    •     Unique roll and hunting action (or hunting for center)

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