Rocky Madsen VTail Minnow
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Rocky Madsen VTail Minnow

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    From the maker of Fish Crisp - The Rocky Madsen VTail Minnow is one of Lake Simcoe's best minnow imitating soft plastics. The VTail has won multiple Perch derby's by imitating a shiner sized bait fish.

    Rocky Madsen has designed these VTail minnows in two sizes, a 3" and a 3.75" so you can match the hatch at any time of year. The color of the bait is a semi transparent which allows the light to shine through on shallow or clear water but thicken in visual density when going deeper or working dirtier water. Iridescent pigments let this minnow shine like scales of a real minnow.

    Rock Madsen VTails have a taper into a very thin tail. The tail vibrates while moved, giving that life like appearance of a swimming minnow. You would think with such as thin tail, the bait would rip easily but because it's made with a durable plastisol, it stays in tact, even after multiple catches.

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