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Set The Hook's 'Drifter Minnow' is another one of Set The Hook's perfectly matched Goby imitation baits. The Drifter Minnow is 3.25" long with realistic 3D eyes to capture a fish's attention. Set The Hook's Drifter Minnows are hand poured out of super soft plastics and can be fished with a jig head or on a drop shot. It's floating so it will stand up great on a drop shot hook. The Drifter Minnow is both salted and scented to make sure fish bite, and hang on! Perfect for Whitefish, Bass or Walleye - anywhere there's a goby bite, there's a Drifter bite.

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OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (July 7, 2020) Smallmouth fishing is a delicate blend of art and science. Smallmouth anglers know that notoriously finicky smallmouth are most often enticed by finesse style baits that closely match the color and action of resident forage fish to generate bites. 

In 2018, STH unveiled the Drifter – a small, finesse style drop shot and jigging bait that netted huge tournament results on smallmouth fisheries across the nation. Today, STH Bait Co. is creating new excitement with the addition of the Drifter Minnow to the Drifter Series of baits sold under the NetBait/ STH Finesse Series in the USA.

The Drifter Minnow is designed for serious smallmouth anglers with subtle features that bring the perfect blend of art and science to smallmouth fishing. The secret of the Drifter Minnow is centered around the hand-finished 3D eyes that truly mimic a baitfish coupled with a unique, pintail design that delivers unreal action when the bait presented as either a dropshot, vertical jig or with STH Flatty Rig.

 The Drifter Minnow also boasts the same key features that make all Drifter Series baits so good; Premium high float plastic blends give the bait incredible action accentuated through a ribbed body design and finished with high quality scent that smallmouth can’t resist. 

“The Drifter Minnow is an innovative addition to the Drifter Series, and we’re excited to bring these baits to smallmouth anglers across the country. The Drifter Minnow is adding even more versatility to our products and giving anglers more choice and more bites.” said STH Bait Co. President and Lure Designer Peter Savoia. 

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