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One day off. Time for some fishing! Oh, did I mention I got a new Aqua-Vu 7i Pro under water camera?! Well I did, and I needed an excuse to get out and play with it.

The day started later than I wanted but when you have a son who needs to get to school before you pack up your stuff... that tends to happen.

We hit Lake Couchiching again, Simcoe felt a bit unsafe to me. Just last weekend some fishermen got caught when the ice broke away from shore and drifted them into the main lake. I'm already a bit scared of the ice so that was enough to make me stay on safer grounds!

Instead of bringing my sonar, I decided that it would be more fun to do a bit of a search for Jumbo Perch with the Aqua-Vu camera. The idea was to drill holes, pop the Aqua-Vu down and see what showed up. We followed the weeds and marked fish at every hole, until we went to the lower end of the basin drop off. Once the drop off happened, the fish were gone and so were the weeds. The Aqua-Vu just showed a desolate wasteland of dirt.

I moved around a bit but couldn't seem to find those jumbo perch. The day was getting late so I decided to get back up onto the flat and fill the day with some little fish at least.

I setup the hut, unpacked the Aqua-Vu and hunkered down for an hour or so. The Aqua-Vu worked amazing! I could see every fish and what they were doing to my lure. The Aqua-Vu pointed out they were just nipping it, testing it. I changed up my presentation and was happy to see them literally ATTACK it on the Aqua-Vu system.

There were no big girls for the day but the Aqua-Vu was a blast to play with and I loved seeing what the fish were doing when I got my presentation down in front of them. This Aqua-Vu system is really going to get a lot of use.

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