Just another fishing site huh? Maybe... Or maybe you're looking at just one small part of a dream. A dream you and I likely share. Orillia Fishing has always been about sharing information - lures, how fish were caught and tips we've learned along the way. If you're someone who just loves fishing and wants to help others love fishing too - we're gonna be best friends.

Look, I love fishing - if you don't believe me just go look at all the fun I have doing it on my YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/orilliafishing. I won't lie, I was originally here to make money just like the next guy. I wanted to built the biggest and most versatile online Canadian tackle shop ever. I wanted to have you to be a part of my fishing family and offer you tools to catch more and better fish! Things have changed for us recently, I'm going back to where I started and building back up.

Growing up watching amazing Canadians like Bob Izumi on TV with my Dad have always been the best memories I have of him. I can still remember every weekend, having the sun shining in the living room window, warming me while I watch Bob cast lures into still summer waters with his friends. I would go out with my Dad here and there but it wasn't more than some fun family outings. Dad always knew the best places to go. Even if we didn't catch anything, just being outside with him was a pleasant memory.

My Dad passed very suddenly when I got older. Cancer can take someone faster than you can imagine and it left me hanging, feeling like I didn't get the time I should have with him. Going through old pictures, I found one of him and a family friend holding up a couple of Walleye they caught - and I traveled back in time to those Bob Izumi days. 

I went out and bought an entry level Quantum spinning set and a few Rapala Original Floaters I remembered him having. I had no boat, no idea of where to go but I had a need to hold a fish. I woke up very early, every weekend and hit every dock I knew in town. There were no boats out yet, the sun was just coming out and I had no idea how to use the lures I was tying on. I didn't even have them tied on with a fishing knot, I tied them like I'd start tying my shoes. I worked those original floaters like you would work a popper - and it worked! I caught small bass after small bass every morning I went. I was hooked.

I started recording everything I was doing, I fell in love with creating something with the experiences I was having. Something others could enjoy as well if they were just starting out and unsure what to do. As much as I would love to make money doing this, it didn't work for me but I'm not about to give up. We're rolling back to original days of capturing information and sharing it. Getting paid to do something I love is in the back of my mind still, but it's not the goal. I would much rather learn and share right now.


And that's the dream isn't it? Do something you love all day. I love fishing, I love talking about fishing stuff. I like seeing the new stuff and pairing people with those things. As much as I'd love to own a large tackle shop, it's not something I'm ready for yet. Sharing information is the dream, and you're a part of it. 


- Jason DeValadares