Fun and easy fishing for the whole family!

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Well, winter is over and we're in that weird time where most species in our zone is not yet in season. The lingering bit of ice is likely finishing up on Lake Simcoe and Perch and panfish are what everyone's after. Normally, April is the kick off of a yearly Perch festival that has the town jumping with out-of-towners and locals mingling together near the water... but not this year.

Covid has made it very difficult for festivals like this to keep going ( We were able to struggle through last year, but this year - businesses just couldn't provide the prizes to keep it going. 

Now, just because we don't have a festival, doesn't mean you can't take the time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. This is probably going to be the BEST time to fish from shore all year! Pack up the kids with snacks and minnows (don't get those two bags confused later) and I'll show you four great spots you can take them right in town! If you're interested in seeing how this festival normally runs, here's a quick video I did of the 39th Annual from a few years back.

If you've already watched the video above, you probably have a good handle on which of the 4 spots I'm about to show you that I like. As you experiment and catch, let me know which one was your favorite at


Okay, here's the spots. Let's talk about each one and if you're not sure where each of these locations are, watch this video, where I go over each one, plus a few others: 

Now before we get started I have to rant a bit. PLEASE be respectful and clean in these areas. More and more spots are being taken away from us anglers because of a lack of respect or cleanliness. This means, keep the noise down, keep your hooks, weights and bobbers away from other peoples property (boat docks, lattice work, other boats) and of course pack out your garbage and leave nothing behind. Remember, these areas are a privilege, not a right. 

1. The Narrows
The narrows actually covers both spot 1 and 4. Spot one is a shore spot that's elevated a bit from an old bridge that used to cross the narrows. If you fish this spot, use a bit of a heavier line as you'll have to haul that fish up a bit. 

2. Victoria Crescent
One of the most heavily used spots as it's the most accessible and easy to bring the whole family. This is a little canal that runs back pretty far from the road. Be cautious though, there's lots of wooden lattice from the houses across the way and we don't want hooks and bobbers hanging from them. 

3. Glen Crescent
Get here early! There is standing room for about 4-6 people and it's very close to houses. Keep the noise down and watch for pike! This spot is again easy to get to but there's no parking other than a small turnaround. 

4. Marina's 
If you have access to a boat, or want to rent one from one of the local marina's, these boat slips are PERFECT perch holding areas where the little ones can haul in tons and tons of smaller perch and maybe even a Pike or two!


Let's keep this SUPER simple. We're out for a good time and to be honest, these fish are HUNGRY so they'll bite almost anything.

First things, first. Minnows. Get smaller minnows and use as many hooks as allowed in the regulations. Most tackle shops will carry what's called a Pickerel rig or Perch rig - which is really just some wire and some hooks hanging off each side. You will place a weight on the bottom and keep a tight line to feel bits and quickly reel in the fish. You can do the same thing with a drop shot setup, like if you were fishing for Bass.

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Remember, this is supposed to be fun - something to get the family outside and enjoying nature. The kids will love feeding the minnows to the birds, watching the ducks swim by and maybe the crazy action of a Pike who's come to nibble on your bait too! Watch those teeth!

Hopefully next year we'll be back to our normally scheduled programming and Mr. Bunker will have another boat prize lined up for us!