Easy Early Spring Rainbow Trout From Shore


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Wasn't a lot to say here. The Berkley Trout Nuggets killed it again! Bob and I got word that the ice had started to move away from shore up north and the Rainbow Trout were accessible from shore again!

Bob started out the day a bit rough, slipping on the gravel embankment and giving a WWE elbow to the middle of his rod. He had lent me his river rod and as much as I offered to give it back, he insisted I keep using it and he would use his second one. Luckily he brought two rods to use!

We had word from Alex at Trombly's Tackle box that the fish were all still on bottom but we both enjoy a good float take-down and started with that. We weren't really catching anything and I was one cast away from switching it to a drop shot. The turning point was an older gentleman who setup a few feet from us, casted about 4 feet out and caught a fish on a slip bobber. Time to change.

A few minutes after changing up to a bottom bouncing setup, I hooked up. The rest of the day was catching fish like that while fighting ice. The day was windy and the ice that had moved away from shore kept getting pushed back in. We would use the long net we brought and push it back out but eventually the big ice pushed in and we were stuck fishing little pockets of water between ice sheets.

While Bob hopped around holes, I decided to explore a bit. The place was apparently an old ammunition depot for WW2 ships so there's old wooden houses and concrete storage bunkers all over the place. I checked out a few and when I got back Bob had disappeared. I found him further down the bank, snuck in between two guys who were catching fish.

Bob's been having really bad luck lately and unfortunately this day was no exception. Although he wasn't able to hook up with a fish, we hooked him up with a Harvey's hamburger instead.

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