Orillia Perch Festival 39th Year Opening Ceremonies

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What's up with the Orillia Perch Festival? It's 39 years strong and a blast to fish for the whole family! It's a pretty simple fishing event and everyone has the same chance to win the grand prize!

It's that weird time of year though. There's still enough ice out on the lake that the fish are in Winter mode but not enough ice that we can get out there and hunt them. I decided to spend a bit of the day seeing how the water was progressing in some usual Perch Festival spots. 

Spot 1 is the spot most people head to first thing. It's the Narrows, an old railway crossing that brought you over the water to the Rama side. The railway isn't there anymore but you can still see the swing bridge on the middle of the narrows. You can fish down along either side of bank here. 

The ice is all gone in these locations for as far as the eye can see. If the fish are moving in, the narrows is the place to be!

Spot number 2 is a small little canal that feeds into the south end of Lake Couchiching, close to the narrows. It seems to be a migratory path for a few fish species as there's been word of Pike following the perch into the narrows to feed shortly after the perch move through. 

Spot number 3 is the most popular of the three spots. It's easy access, a bit more parking available and has been known to see some very nice Jumbos for a few quick days as they come in for spawn. 

Now, all you have to do is register for the event. If you want additional entries for the grand prize or daily prizes, go out and catch some fish, bring them back alive and healthy for their live release later and you're entered!

If you think that wasn't enough, there's additional prizes from tagged fish ranging from $500 ot $1000!! Get out there and get some!

April 20 – May 11, 2019

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